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Laoshi Taj Johnson has been studying Chinese Martial Arts formally since 1987. His initial studies included Yang and Cheng Style Taiji, Ichuan and Hung Fut Pai with Dr. Tim Lee through Master Yim Tai Loi’s well known Hung Fut school, Tai Yim Kung Fu. It was during this time that he entered into tournament competitions; became recognized and ranked as one of the top 10 martial artists in the nation by the USAWKF and NACMAF; and earned many Gold medals from events hosted by the AAU and the well respected international Internal Arts tournament “A Taste of China”. Laoshi Taj studied deeply with Dr. Lee during this time eventually receiving formal permission to teach.

In 1992, he transitioned from competitor to official and has since become a valued Chinese Internal Martial Arts judge. During the mid 90’s he studied and researched the health enhancing value of Qigong with Dr. Nianzu Li and Ms. Peggy Li of the ‘Song Ho Health Center’. He received formal permission to teach Dr. Li’s signature qigong, the Lang Yie Taoist set.

In 2003 SkyValley Tai Ji was created, “an elevated sanctuary focused on cultivating the healing benefits of Wudang Neijia”. The SkyValley Tai Ji program has taught hundreds of students within the Washington, DC area, some of whom have grown to become teachers themselves; earning their own gold medals in tournaments within the Washington D.C. area. 2005 marked the launching of TaijiVisionQuest. Laoshi Taj led a special retreat to Negril Jamaica focusing on Taijiquan and Qigong. A TaijiVisionQuest retreat focusing on Qigong was held at Canaan Valley Resort in Davis WV. Additional retreats and intensives are currently being planned.

Laoshi Taj met Master Xiao Ling Liu in 2001 and became his 7th formal American disciple, joining the Wudang Longmen lineage in 2004. Since then study with Master Liu has focused intently on Liuhebafa, Chen, Yang and Wu Shi Taijiquan (Tai Chi); Yin Pai, CTH and Liang Pai Baguazhang (Bagua) as well as Hebei Xingyi and other Wudang Healing Arts. Additionally, enhanced familiarity with traditional weapons, has been nurtured, refining a solid foundation in the Wudang Healing Arts.

Since 2006, SkyValley Tai Ji has been one of the official Washington DC area hosts and sponsors of WTCQD (World Tai Chi and Qigong Day) events. Open to the public, and traditionally held out of doors, the free event extends an opportunity for attendees to experience Qigong and Tai Chi from various traditions while supporting the mission of enhancing global harmony by encouraging mindful healing practices in every time zone within a single calendar day.
In 2011, he traveled to Hua Shan Mountain (the birthplace of Liuhebafa) and Wudang Shan (an iconic fount of Taoism and World Heritage Site) with Master Liu. Laoshi Taj participated in martial arts exchanges at the well known Wudang San Feng Institute and in Wuxi, China with students and “grand-students” of Master Fu Jian Qiu and Master Pei Xie Rong sharing Bagua, Taiji and Wudang Arts. He was also an assistant Taiji teacher for Master Liu during the trip.

Laoshi Taj continues to research and broaden horizons between cultures; sharing the movement aspects of Traditional (and Classical) Chinese Medicine (TCM) for health optimization, while nurturing the gentle cultivation of mind, body and spirit through Traditional Wudang Neijia and self-defense through the Traditional Chinese Wushu traditions. SkyValley Tai Ji programs and their influence can be found throughout the Washington, D.C. area.


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