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Welcome to Sky Valley Tai Ji...

An elevated sanctuary where we explore self cultivation; harmonizing life through movement, most specifically using the healing arts of the Wudang Neijia tradition. This includes the artful practices of Qigong, Taijiquan, Bagua, Xing-I, Liuhebafa and others.

Recognizing that we first must relax in order to welcome abundant high quality energy flow, we set the stage for health optimization with gentle movements that allow us to refine and focus intention while nurturing Yin and Yang energies. 12 paths, 8 reservoirs, 5 elements, 4 directions, and Yin and Yang all reside within the ONE. Without hype or mystery, the aim is to share these arts at the highest level possible to facilitate understanding, growth and personal fulfillment.

You're invited to join a wonderful group of friends and fellow students on this natural, joyful path which is simple, but not easy. As you've found your way here, please take a moment to explore, reflect and enjoy. Visit often as this site grows with writings, class schedule updates, news of special seminars and of course our Vision Quest retreats and trips. I hope you enjoy your visit to Sky Valley, I'm glad you're here!

Laoshi Taj Johnson Sky Valley Tai Ji

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